Baggage & stowage

Checked baggage

Your allowance: 2 items per person, with a maximum combined weight of 40Kg.

Maximum volume per bag is 200 linear cm (height plus length plus width – approx. 6.5 linear feet).

Maximum weight is 30Kg per bag and we may require your assistance loading bags weighing between 20-30kg.

KiwiRail staff will coordinate loading baggage on to the train and will help you ensure it is correctly labelled with the right stop.

Bringing your bike, board, skis or baby buggy

We appreciate that some of our passengers will be headed for our great outdoors, so we’ll do our best to accommodate your extra gear, if the space is available.

There will be an additional charge for carrying extra items like surf boards, bicycles or skis.

Because of space demands, bicycles will be limited to four per train service and we recommend that you book your bike on in advance to secure a place. You may also be requested to remove, fold, or cover some parts of your bike.


Scenic recommends passengers to insure all baggage and personal items. Please remember to attach labels with your contact details at your destination.

Hazardous or offensive items will be rejected at check-in. Hand Baggage which is obstructing passenger areas, will be moved to the baggage van.